A Homage To Our Rach (#14)

Hamster McKenzies Bitesize Blog

Welcome to blog number 14 from me, your friendly rodent, Hamster McKenzie.

Actually I’m a bit nervous about this one. Not because it’s controversial but because I’m fearful it’ll come across as freaky or stalkerish.

Clearly it’s not intended to be but let’s see how it pans out as to whether or not it gets deleted, or indeed, used as evidence.

Today I’m dedicating my time and typing thumb (always done on a mobile) to Rachel Hawkins or as you may know her: @ourrachblogs.

“Why are you doing this Hamster?” you cry!

Mainly because:
1) She’s a God damn lovely person
2) It’s her birthday tomorrow and this makes for a cheap present

The reason I’m doing this today is because I won’t have time tomorrow. I’m working today so I’ve currently got all the time in the world!
On top of these two reasons she was the first…

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