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A Homage To Our Rach (#14)

Hamster McKenzie's Bitesize Blog

Welcome to blog number 14 from me, your friendly rodent, Hamster McKenzie.

Actually I’m a bit nervous about this one. Not because it’s controversial but because I’m fearful it’ll come across as freaky or stalkerish.

Clearly it’s not intended to be but let’s see how it pans out as to whether or not it gets deleted, or indeed, used as evidence.

Today I’m dedicating my time and typing thumb (always done on a mobile) to Rachel Hawkins or as you may know her: @ourrachblogs.

“Why are you doing this Hamster?” you cry!

Mainly because:
1) She’s a God damn lovely person
2) It’s her birthday tomorrow and this makes for a cheap present

The reason I’m doing this today is because I won’t have time tomorrow. I’m working today so I’ve currently got all the time in the world!
On top of these two reasons she was the first…

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The Evolution Of Motherhood

Mom Of Two Little Girls

Back when I was in the trenches of early motherhood, the days with the demanding toddler, emotionally charged with raging emotions, and the tiny baby, the moving to a new country where I knew no one, those trenches, back in those days I used to look at women who had “stopped” having more kids and think to myself – what on earth do you do with your days?

I could not imagine my life any farther in the future than the next nappy change or feed, the next nightmare trip to the grocery store alone with the girls, or the next tantrum. It was like living in a haze. 

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Life goes on …

the naughty forty diaries

It’s been just under a month since we said our last goodbyes to mum.

Despite the boyfriends pleas that I don’t talk about it [ to the world that is ; he’s been a rock and is a great listener] apparently I am being morbid. I am single handily depressing and boring the blogosphere. I thought I’d go a head and do an update anyway .. on life.

Life after mum.

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An Interview With a Hamster #3: Rachel Hawkins

Hamster McKenzie's Bitesize Blog

Hello and welcometo the third episode of


Hamster: Todays very special guest is Rachel Hawkins!

Rach: Thank you, thank you.

H: First up, do you have a pen and paper?

R: No.

H: You don’t??

R: No. Problem?

H: You’ve broke the show already!

R: I knew I would.

H: I’d normally ask you to draw something throughout the course of the interview soI can guess what it is at the end.

R: Ok I can remedy this. Bear with.

H: Clearly you’re a big fan.

R: I got a ruled book and a pen I nicked from a day out I recently had


H: #BristolGirl

R: Have I got to draw it now?

H: Just whenever and I’ll use my hamstery powers to guess what it is at the end.

R: Ok.

H: Right, some standard questions first.


R: Our Rach


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Broken crayons still colour 


Quote from Trent Shelton, an American Football player and someone I’m a little envious of. Not for his skills on the field, God no; I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with those, it’s this quote.

Every now and then I read a quote and wish I’d thought of it. This is genius in simplicity and has a flawless execution.

In life we all have defining moments, experiences or levels of ability that can have a negative impact on us.

Or we can be a broken crayon; altered by the process but still a crayon of colour and delight. I guess how we handle the events or abilities is our decision and perhaps is more powerful than the event or ability itself.

When our little girl passed away just days after she was born, we became the new parents without the need to push a pram. We became people…

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